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Luxurious Homes  in South Hams Partner with us to create a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation in your luxury home

Craft a high-end retreat
Create a home that reflects your unique style
Experience the charm of country living

The South Hams is the perfect destination to escape for a weekend when you need some time to relax after a long working week. This is why many professionals are purchasing  homes in South Hams, in Salcombe for example. It’s also the perfect destination to retire.  To ensure that their home is exactly as they want it to be, the property they purchase often needs to be renovated or extended.

South Devon Builders homes in Devon
Luxury homes in South Hams

Some concerns that owners may have when carrying out these renovations include:

Not being present locally to supervise the build
Worries about what is happening on site
Concerns about the project running over schedule
Doubts about the quality of work
Worries about workers not being present on site
Health and safety concerns

You deserve a hassle-free renovation that allows you to unwind and appreciate your peaceful retreat once it’s complete.

Why choose South Devon builders OS Construction to carry out your refurbishment


We will provide regular updates via phone, email or video call to ensure the client is kept informed about the progress of the renovation.

Project Managed

There will be a project manager to supervise the work on-site and ensure that the renovation is progressing according to plan.


We make sure you are always clear on the progress of the renovation, as well as any changes to the schedule.


We will provide a detailed contract that outlines the scope of the work, the timeline, and the budget, which will ensure that both parties are on the same page. If additional works are required, we will sign this off before going ahead.


We have a strict quality control process to ensure your project is finished to a very high standard each step of the way.

Health and Safety

We will ensure that our workers observe health and safety protocols, such as wearing appropriate protective gear, and following hygiene protocols, to address any health and safety concerns the client may have.

Luxurious extension in South Devon


I cannot say enough good things about OS Construction! My new home away from the city is absolutely marvellous. I could not have hoped for a more relaxing and luxurious retreat than this. I cannot wait to come here every weekend to get away from the city. I plan on retiring to my new luxury home constructed by OS Construction.


Olly and his team at OS Construction have gone above and beyond to ensure our happiness. Words would fail us if we were to recount all of the good experiences that we had with OS Construction. Our newly refurbished home is a dream come true. A masterpiece of elegance in South Hams!


Our Unwavering Pledge to You


We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to treating you and your valuable assets with the utmost care and consideration.


Our team is fully committed to providing you with timely and transparent updates throughout every stage of the project.

High-end finish

We will deliver a truly exceptional and luxurious final product that reflects your discerning tastes and exceeds your wildest dreams.